Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Red Thread & Broken Buttons

Well in an attempt to satisfy all who know me and are eager for some long awaited communication from your traveling friend, here in brief is a few words about Thailand, rather my unique experiences I have had so far. First off I was sitting in a Karaoke Bar with some friends out from my viewpoint I could see the doorway, next thing on know there is an elephant waltzing down the street being walked like a dog by two men, I run outside to be part of the party and with some communication discover for .60 cents you can buy a bag of carrots and feed the elephant. I gladly accept the fee, grab my bag of carrots, place my camera to the timer setting, to capture this moment and I turn my head to the left, the next thing I know an elephant trunk has swung it's trunk and pummeled my midsection, I seriously thought I was going down like prize fighter in the third round, I gather myself, catch my breathe and notice all these people laughing hysterically at my misfortunes, I laugh and walk back in to sing a few crappy American songs, with a large smile and bruised testis. So I figured my daily excursions bring great joy, because they are severly uncommon yet common to me. My time is going swimmingly and I have been granted access into wonderful places the common tourist would have no idea about, that makes me deliciously happy. The food is great, the Thai people are never without a smile, and the wonder of being a lonely traveler is insightfully dangerous. I love it. 

the sneezing o w l

Yay Sumrid age 84

running roosters vs walking whales


Saturday, May 2, 2009

the greatest leaf of all

                    So to even the 
greatest leaf of all will one day fall...