Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A first sunset of springtime.

Four adults and six children lay huddled in a tiny shack, three generations of poverty share the same dream of wanting a better education and thus a more meaningful life. I had the honorable challenge of documenting this family's attempt to end this cycle of poverty with the aid of  "child sponorship program" a foundation whose goal is to lend a helping hand by supporting impovrished families the opportunity to go to school. How much does it cost an 8 year girl to attend school for one school year? 121.00 dollars!!! Not much for the average american, it is sad yet hopeful there are many ways each of us can help out those in need, just explore some options. Today was meaningful and important to share time with such a wonderful family, I hope you enjoy the photo's and if something in your heart wants the opportunity or challenge of giving to this family please contact me:

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  1. Jeff, your photos are amazing! My personal favorite is the one 2nd from the top with the 3 kids and....the kittie :)
    your do have a gift!!