Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The flight of the biting sparrow...

Shuttlecocks and airplanes,  
orange marmalade, bare feet,
saying what you mean...
I am nestled into a room with a view, and by view I am mean the airport runway is viewable, which means I spend countless moments watching airplanes come and go. If you have never watched airplanes arrive and depart start now!!! This experience of observing flying objects has awakened my senses to observe my surrounding and satisfy deep parts of my unexplored curiousity that resides in my inner brain. A wonderful experience at just looking at the world that surrounds us. Those details somehow offer us some type of pleasure!!!


  1. Yo Jeffery! Looks like you had a good day on the river! Good to see you blogging again! Love, Dad

  2. So great see your pictures and your words... Love your creativity... Love ya, Your Mom

  3. Longing to read more Thai-Blog by the TT. Keepin' an eye out for it! Love Dad